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Dopamine receptors in addiction recovery

If you are giving up nicotine, or cannabis, or benzos or any other drug, it is completely understandable that you feel incredibly IRRITABLE and impatient. The way these drugs work is to cause the release of a whole rush of dopamine in our brains. That is why taking those substances feels so good. Dopamine is... Read More

stepping down on nicotine patches

One of the obvious challenges of using nicotine patches for cigarette or nicotine spray cessation, is when you step down. Usually, you would go from 21 mg to 14 mg and then to 7 mg and then to 0 mg. I have stepped down from 14 mg to 10.5 mg (half a 21 mg patch)... Read More

Nicotine withdrawal – no fun

If you are giving up cigarettes or NRT, or any kind of drug or alcohol really, I really feel for you. It is no fun! Nicotine withdrawal sucks! Please bear with me while I get through this recovery period. I feel like absolute shit (excuse my French, hehe). All I want to do is sleep... Read More

Tips for quitting cigarettes or NRT

Smoking cessation can be tough, but it is so worth it, I promise! A little bit of pain now, for a huge gain in the future. Don’t be afraid that you will get addicted to Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), because it is so much easier to quit NRT than it is to quit cigarettes. I... Read More

early menopause or effect of medication?

For many months I was worried that I was going through some kind of early menopause, because my periods were coming earlier and earlier. First it was two days early, then three, and then four. This is a common symptom in peri-menopause, when your periods start coming earlier and then get irregular until they stop.... Read More
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