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chicken thigh fillets baked in pesto crust

coriander pesto crusted chicken

chicken thigh fillets baked in pesto crustA fun experiment! I wanted to try to bake a parsley crust on chicken. I think it will be nice sliced on a fresh salad. So I found a recipe,which just involves preheating an oven to 200 degrees celcius, and patting coriander and parsley pesto on the outside of chicken thigh cutlets that have been cut in half, and baking for 20 minutes. (I found it needs a it longer to cook through) 🙂

I hope it will be a taste sensation! It will make a nice salad me thinks. The recipe suggested to serve with mashed potato and broccoli, but, there is this thing about combining starches and proteins. It is not so good!

I think it will be nice as part of a salad, with greens, and I wish I had cucumber, I think that would go with the flavours beautifully. I just wanted to try crusting chicken! 20 minutes to wait for this experiment to come to fruition.

Do you know what would be ABSOLUTELY ideal? To make a cauliflower mash (starch free), and serve this chicken with steamed broccoli and a cauliflower mash?!? Yum!

It is pretty nice in a salad, but the flavours get somewhat lost. Next time 🙂

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