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small white boat on merimbula lake at fishpen

on the subject of being grateful

small white boat on merimbula lake at fishpen

boat on calmer waters – inside

Have you ever fought SO hard for your life, knowing that the outcome was usually inevitable? Suffered through the most excruciating anguish, and fear and loving just a little less each day. A heart gets darker and darker, the more troubled, fearful and unkind the world (each and every one) is to a heart.

On the doorstep of Hell

I thought I was to die right up till that last day. I jumped right out of its bed every single time that it got to that, but I was so tire, d, and SO ravaged of my soul. If there was anything GOOD about these past few weeks, it is getting through it, and to the other side, where the tears gleam in the moonlight.

I am so incredibly GRATEFUL for my life! It brings tears of gratitude to my soul. It was an awful life for a time, and I thought that I would be under the happiness star. All of a sudden the wheels came careening off, and I lost my heart to the sea.

Keep going

If there is ever a time, that the anguish and misery gets too much for you, and you think you want to die, Please ‘Give up and get God’, for there is nothing worse than what might lie awake from you, on the other side of that door, if you were to take its own life.

Please be careful with our hearts and souls, my friends. They are precious and real, and none of us are perfect, and there is SOMETHING out there, which will bring you back to goodness. Hold on!!!

love and hugs,
your sar xxo rah

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