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Three people who INSPIRE you to be healthy?

hanging orange climber plants and thatched roof

the gardens at vitamin Sea

This morning EVERYDAY HEALTH sent through an email about taking care to remember THREE people who inspire you to be healthy:

Write down three people who inspire you to be healthy!?!

Here is MY listed gratefully yours list:

1. My brother – he is always saying that I should run, and run more, and study nutrition and devote all my energy to PERSONAL fitness.

2. My friend – Turtle!! – he is always checking my thought processes, and inspiring me to CONTINUE with leading a healthy life 😀

3. My psychologist – she is ALWAYS leading me on the path to personal WELLNESS, to be living the life I WANT to lead. To stand up and face challenges, and to do my VERY BEST.

Thanks so much to these people. I give you peaches and love in return.

Who are your three people who inspire you to live a healthy life? Perhaps it is a dog or cat who inspires you to walk, or your neighbour who inspires you to get into the garden? Who are you grateful for helping you to be HEALTHY?

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