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Glass of Pilsner beer and water in colourful courtyard cafe

Melbourne foodie adventures one – boutique beer

I read somewhere recently about some of the differences between Melbourne and Sydney, as places to live, and one of the comments was that you would be hard pressed to find a bad meal in Melbourne.

I think it is true! The cafes and restaurants here are so creative. I just stopped for a juice after a very long walk and they had a green smoothie on the menu. The greens being kale and avocado! Hehe. If I were feeling more adventurous at that moment it would have been interesting to try avocado in a green smoothie!

I had a yellow juice, which was a very refreshing mix of pineapple, orange and passion fruit, in a lovely rooftop garden.

There is so much to explore in Melbourne. It would take years to explore all the streets and cafes and shops.

Right now, I am satisfying a craving for an afternoon beer. I can’t really see myself eating lunch after a late egg breakfast!

How are you guys? Have you been taking care of yourselves? I am still a non smoker! Can you believe it? And slowly getting used to all the situations where I used to smoke 🙂

I hope you are having a lovely weekend! See you soon! Cheers!

Glass of Pilsner beer and water in colourful courtyard cafe

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