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nutritional testing low carb diet - good results

Nutritional testing low carb diet – results are in!!

In terms of proof for the fact that a low carb diet is a good and healthy diet (if applied correctly), I got some test results back today. Nutritional testing low carb diet results suggest that low carb is quite healthy! I was tested for fasting sugar levels, cholesterol and a diabetes test that measures sugar levels in the blood over the past three months.

Low carb reduces risk of diabetes

It is good to know that I certainly do not have diabetes. My results for the HbA1c were well within the normal range. This indicates that the glucose level in my blood over the past three months has been good. Furthermore, my fasting glucose level has not changed, and neither should it have according to my doctor.

If you have diabetes or are at risk of developing diabetes you might find that a plant rich low carb diet may help you to manage this disease.

Low carb diet reduces levels of bad cholesterol

My cholesterol has decreased significantly since the last time I have had it tested. So that is good news too! It seems to me that all the plant food that I have been eating has been having an effect on my cholesterol levels.

I also seem to remember that the last time I got cholesterol tested was pre low-carb, when I was still eating a couple of cafe breakfasts or lunches each week. Those were the days when I would regularly eat a turkish ‘Stanley Street’ sandwich from the old Knife Shop Cafe (which has now closed). This sandwich had grilled chicken, lashings of aioli and cheese. It was delicious, no doubt, but I haven’t eaten anything like that since April. I also seem to recall eating weekend breakfasts at cafes with scrambled eggs and toast. And eating more eggs generally. So, perhaps reducing all these things and increasing vegetables has reduced my cholesterol!

Nutritional testing low carb diet – happiness and health

It is exciting and it makes me think that this way of eating is really quite healthy. Based on some common nutritional indicators, it certainly seems that way!

It can be a little bit tricky to always source food that is low carb. And I am guessing that it will be harder at this time of year. But most restaurants and cafes cater for this way of eating. And despite some nutritionists saying that low carb is a hard diet to stick to, I definitely find that (so far) it is quite easy to maintain long term!

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