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sarah squatting in the park in gym gear - 2018 was the year I loved fitness

2018 wrap up – sad to say goodbye

Hey all! How are you?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It is very exciting. I hope you are all having a nice day/evening so far and that it continues into 2019 and beyond. It is a little bit sad to let go of 2018, although for me personally, it was quite a challenging year! In terms of my personal numbering system, the number ‘8’ is synonymous with health, well being and fitness. It was definitely true of my 2018 here in sunny Australia. For example, in March I went under general anaesthetic for the first time in many years for surgery and then in September, I fell gravely unwell with my mental illness, and that was definitely challenging.

Reading about Alzheimers -> CSIRO low carb diet

Also, in 2018, I found out more about the low carb diet and started eating this way. I went ahead and lost a total of 16 kilograms, which is not insignificant. I am not sure where I lost this from though, since the swimmers I bought this season seem to the be the same size as last year!! Whether I just lost water and glycogen, it was good for cholesterol and sugar levels, and I ate so many vegetables!

Spring time for finding the passion for exercise

This year I really fell in love with two more forms of exercise. First, I started running around the park, because my Dad suggested it, and it was compelling in Spring to get out early (I was wakening early at the time) and to interval run around the park. Second, my work colleague suggested that I try Body Pump (for prevention of osteoporosis), and that really was an amazing adventure. The first release I heard had the most catchy tune that I would find myself humming afterwards, and I feel so lean for a couple of days afterwards. I can feel the burn. Also, because it is so popular there are lots of convenient time slots to fit this in. I really love it, and the past month, I can see the difference in the progress photos. So, it is working, I think!

Hoorah for vegetarian food – so tasty

In terms of new foodie adventures, I found a new cafe (that was there the whole time) that makes vegetarian lunch plates every day. I got obsessed with it, and go there almost every time I eat lunch out in the world. Either that, or the falafel place, which is DELICIOUS too, and vegan. It is so good!

Waste and an eco kitchen were also important to me this year, but perhaps that is a topic for another blog. Perhaps it is not the same subject, and a more environmental topic rather than a health topic.

What was your health journey for 2018? What did it look like? What are you hoping for in 2019, health wise?

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