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Little adjunct rewards for development of healthy habits

So, I have dropped the ball with regard to my personal physical and nutritional health lately. I can’t remember the last time I went for a jog, and it has been a few weeks since I did a resistance training class. My primary goal in terms of fitness is simply to be consistent. In the past, I have had the tendency to burn bright for a few weeks where fitness is concerned. Then I get distracted, busy or otherwise indisposed and I let it go. The problem is that in the past, these periods of detachment would last for ages. And the next time I would get motivated to work out again would either be the start of spring or some other major trigger.

Habits formed in early childhood

I have mostly always been this way. To be honest I think that good fitness habits are things that need to be encouraged in childhood, so that children develop a love for and a habit for fitness. There is definitely a lot of ‘joy’ in movement, I think. Nurturing that joy in children has got to be good for them!

green verdant trees and sky in the sunshine

Consistently picking up the ball again

One thing that I am personally hoping to achieve is to reduce the amount of time ‘between’ sessions of fitness activity. So, I want to pick up the ball a bit quicker after something happens in my life and I stop the habit of exercise. It is definitely easier now that I have found two forms of exercise that I absolutely love and really look forward to. I am less likely to ‘make an excuse’ about a fitness activity because both jogging and Body Pump workout classes are really enjoyable!

‘Liking’ vegetables or ‘liking’ fitness – little rewards

Sometimes I think that it is like encouraging children to eat vegetables. If you can add something energy dense or ‘tasty’ to the vegetable dish or side, the child is more likely to eat it. The funny thing is that the more children eat vegetables, the more they LIKE vegetables, and so this addition of some sort of small reward can really get the ball rolling in terms of a lifetime of good nutrition.

salad of tomatoes rocket and other green vegetables with chicken on side

For me, with exercise, perhaps I need a little something like that to encourage me to ‘try’ exercise. That thing seems to be MUSIC. As soon as I found the most amazing running playlist on Spotify, it became my motivation to ‘get out there’ and jog. Similarly, the prospect of hearing an hour of new, interesting, or fun songs at a Body Pump class seems to be the thing underlying my motivation to get back to the gym and do another class.

So, it is exciting, because while LIFE is always going to happen, and while there will always be upheavals, illness, distractions, problems and a whole array of things that could happen to break the habit of exercise, I am excited because I am absolutely going to show up to a weight training class this morning! It will be fun 🙂

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