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city buildings and skyscrapers on sydney street 2018

Frightened about the future in a distracted society

To be honest, now that I have seen a little bit of what is happening outside my immediate neighbourhood, I am really worried. The trashy/happy music playing in this cafe masks the fact that we are just burying our heads in the sand as the world turns to pot.

You may not think that our biological existence is so ultimately threatened, but the signs are everywhere. It is in people’s faces as they swear and curse and beep out of road rage. It is in the suffocated airways of some of our city streets, as thousands of cars idle from point A to B. It is in the cyclone warnings and bushfires that ravage our native and human habitats. I don’t want to point out too many more examples, because it will make me want to cry, but there are some serious indicators that things are not going well for us, the human race, much less our animal and natural neighbours on this planet.

Heads in the sand

In my very small voice, I would suggest that we humans are thoroughly (or ostensibly) DISTRACTED. First, it was commerce. It still is, I think. We spend most of our lives at work, doing busy things that help something abstract grow. That abstract thing is money, and we believe that this is what holds society together. Maybe it does, but right now, I am not willing to take anything as read.

Secondly, we are distracted by technology. I do it, you do it, we all do it. We are consuming content, we are watching Netflix, we are completely oblivious to our surroundings because our heads are stuck in our phones.

What will the future be for a mindless people?

Now, I am really worried, and now I am really frightened because I feel that if we continue in this way, completely oblivious to the fact that we are likely hurtling into a perilous environmental disaster zone, then it will all eventuate and we will suffer the consequences.

I am most worried about our children. They are born innocent into this world, and they are learning to live in the world and how to survive for themselves. What are we giving them? What legacy are we going to leave our children and grandchildren?

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