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chia pudding with figs, mango, banana, kiwi fruit and passionfruit coulis

Intensely grateful for fruit, chia pudding and coffee

On a beautiful rainy autumn morning, when a medication bungle forced me up the street before even a shower, I feel so grateful to live in Melbourne. What a beautiful town! 🙂 There is always something new to explore or a new experience to appreciate. This morning I tried a new breakfast dish. It was a chia pudding with delicious fruits such as mango, lychee, banana and fig and a passionfruit coulis. So amazing 🙂

interior of cafe and deli with view across produce and out window

I hardly ever eat breakfast out anymore. Why would I, when I have the most delicious home made granola with mixed berries and coconut yoghurt at home? On the rare occasion that I do eat out, I realise how expensive the exercise is. It is a challenge to get out of breakfast for less than $20 per person. It can be a treat though, and more so, when I choose something on the menu that is both innovative and delicious. It is also quite healthy, which leaves my tummy happy.

The whole experience leaves me feeling incredibly grateful. Grateful for living in this beautiful suburb, grateful for the food in my belly and grateful for my beautiful Marimekko coffee cup that I am now using to top on delicious fair trade coffee.

sarah with marimekko cup with leaves behind

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