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Human battery juice

On my way out to grab some lunch, I saw something that made me think about us. Are we human batteries? I guess that we kind of are like batteries in a way since we do run out of juice eventually. In the past, I have had some strange delusions about the fact that maybe... Read More

Reliable energy supply in the face of climate change

Dr Karl from Triple J tweeted a very thought provoking tweet this morning (or recently): Is Australian coal-electricity generation capacity unreliable?Why can’t it cover baseload?Where was the long-term Governance & planning to stop this from happening?(After all, Munich Re, the world’s largest re-insurance company, could see the effects of Climate Change in 1973)— Dr... Read More

Vegetarian food is delicious

Are you feeling happy or sad right now?? I would prefer EVERYONE to be happy. 🙂 How are you? In one of those interesting changes of heart, I became a vegetarian all of a sudden! To be sure, I have been considering this for a while. Especially since I started eating at Friends of the... Read More

Change and the deep blue sea

So, this website started in 2012, when I was in a pretty bad place. Thankfully, I was able to climb out of that darkness, eventually and have found a much healthier place, if somewhat turbulent at times! I think I bought this domain name around the 25th of January, 2012, so almost exactly 7 years... Read More
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