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Prolactin levels to be assessed by an endocrinologist

If you take a dopamine reducing medication, and have higher than normal prolactin levels, your psychiatrist might recommend that you discuss the issue with your GP. This is because elevated prolactin levels is associated with osteoporosis. While there are things you can do to improve your bone density, such as weight bearing exercise, eating calcium... Read More

The cost of smoking in 2018

Does anyone smoke cigarettes any more? I think some people do, and in Australia at least, they are paying through the nose for the privilege. Yesterday, I observed that a pack of 20 cigarettes cost the man in front of me at the bottle shop a total of $32.99. It is staggering. If you smoked... Read More

Home time for this mouse

Thank goodness for sleep. I just had one of those happiest of feelings, when I opened my eyes, and thought to myself: ‘Thank goodness, I am here!.’ It begs the question perhaps, ‘where was I before?’ I was on the beautiful bird coast just this morning. I was continuing to fail miserably at saving part... Read More

High protein breakfast cereal recipe

What is your favourite breakfast cereal lately? I have devised a high protein breakfast cereal with moderate carbohydrates, and I have never been so excited about breakfast. Not for a long time. I serve 1/2 cup of toasted granola (recipe below) with high protein Greek yoghurt, high protein soy milk, half a handful or so... Read More