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The cost of smoking in 2018

Does anyone smoke cigarettes any more? I think some people do, and in Australia at least, they are paying through the nose for the privilege. Yesterday, I observed that a pack of 20 cigarettes cost the man in front of me at the bottle shop a total of $32.99. It is staggering. If you smoked... Read More

Home time for this mouse

Thank goodness for sleep. I just had one of those happiest of feelings, when I opened my eyes, and thought to myself: ‘Thank goodness, I am here!.’ It begs the question perhaps, ‘where was I before?’ I was on the beautiful bird coast just this morning. I was continuing to fail miserably at saving part... Read More

High protein breakfast cereal recipe

What is your favourite breakfast cereal lately? I have devised a high protein breakfast cereal with moderate carbohydrates, and I have never been so excited about breakfast. Not for a long time. I serve 1/2 cup of toasted granola (recipe below) with high protein Greek yoghurt, high protein soy milk, half a handful or so... Read More

Webinar – Getting children moving for healthy development and wellbeing

An email just came through from Deakin University Alumni about a webinar that looks really interesting! Read more here: Wednesday September 26, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm The email reads Dear Sarah, The Alumni Relations Office and Deakin Child Study Centre is delighted to invite you to our upcoming webinar Getting Children moving for... Read More