banksia plant art with lemon leaves

a week today :)

Hooray, hooray, hooray! Who would have thought it was possible? To give up cigarettes! A whole week of no cigarettes in my life, , , glee. I never thought it was really possible, but it is! ‘There is a trick to this’ I thought many times, in all the years, I have been at the... Read More

five things that make you happy

“Jump start your happiness” she said. Write them down! Five things that make you happy.                   the sunshine dogs and birds and flowers music writing thinking about health What makes you happy in this world? I want to know!

good morning house plants

Perhaps there is some value in organising your life into blocks. Blocks of art, and to define the characteristics of these sections in a day.         For example, there lies a block of time, that occurs when you first open your eyes into a new day. For me, that is the sunrise,... Read More